A Brief Introduction to Floor Cushions

Floor cushions are a new way to sit. Traditional seating like couches, chairs, stools, and benches were developed centuries ago but haven’t changed much since then. Our lifestyles, however, have changed. We require seating options that are adaptable to modern living spaces and help keep our bodies healthy.


Girl meditating on Solum floor cushion


These are floor cushions. Of course, they're not the only floor cushions. Floor cushions come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and include a variety of design features. The defining characteristics of a floor cushion are: (1) they sit on the floor; and (2) you sit on them. Simple right?

Simple, yes. But also powerful. Floor cushions break free from the norms of a traditional seating because they can be adapted for different living spaces and circumstances. They can easily be moved and stowed at any given time depending on the living space and intended use.

Floor cushions also allow users to maintain a strong and stable posture. They recognize that our bodies evolved for millions of years to sit on or near the ground. As a consequence, floor cushions let our bodies rest into a natural and stable seated position where we don’t need to constantly remind ourselves to “sit up straight.”  

Beyond the immediate advantages of adaptability and postural wellbeing that any floor cushion can provide, our Intentful cushion incorporates a discrete pocket, carrying strap, and washable cover. By integrating these features into the minimalist style of floor cushions, the Intentful cushion lets you take it on the go, empty your pockets, and seat yourself with care.
Green Solum floor cushion.

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